Monday, July 30, 2012

More HDT & Ribbons

First of all, I have been tatting away at making green ribbons at a request of a fellow tatter.  These are for a fund raiser in support of a family member that has had a heart transplant.  Green designates heart transplant. 

Second,  I was able to get out the dyes this weekend and here is what I was able to accomplish!

The solid I did on Saturday with fresh dyes.  The third color was suppose to be teal blue; however, it is way to dark for my liking.

Shannon in a previous post commented that she liked the green and purple.  I liked the pretty blue/gray from the varigated.  So, on Sunday I tried to duplicate the colors.  Well, I used the blue/gray from the solid above (obviously it dyes differently soaking verses brushing on the thread).  The green and purple were fresh (very close to what was done previously!  YEAH).  The rust was fresh and a little deeper than I made previously and like the color better. 

The second varigated had a very interesting outcome.  I mixed fresh navy blue.  I used the red from the above solid and mixed the blue/gray with the grape.  Well, when it was washed out, the red faded to a light lavender/pink color, the blue/gray/grape was streaky and the navy ended up with slight variated shades. 

I have one more variagated I want to try and hopefully will do that on Thursday. 

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