Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Tat Days Experience

Well, Tat Days is over.  This was my first and am planning on returning in the future.  My goal this year was to attend and take classes of techniques I had not tried (some of which were on the bucket tatting list).  Mission accomplished.

I had finished my beaded earrings at the conference. Very easy (at 6:30 in the morning we all needed something easy after being up late the night before!).

The brooch is made of onion rings and encapsulated tendrils (neither I have tried in the past).  Need to put pin back on it and it will be ready for my Mother-in-law.

I will post other pictures as the projects get done.  This was the sad part of the whole weekend - unfinished projects.  The bright side is when I am working to finish them, I will be taken back to the great weekend I had.

Since getting back into tatting last year, I have been introduced to a world I never knew existed (via the internet).  It started with my daughter introducing me to Marilee Rockley (Yarnplayer).  I had an opportunity to meet and talk with her.  She has been my first inspiration to get back into tatting on a regular basis.

The next opportunity was searching tatting.  That is where I found Georgia Seitz online tatting class.  She is a wealth of information (and very knowledgeable) regarding tatting from history to current trends.

From there it was Jane Eborall's blog/techniques & pattern page. I keep going back to her site for the techniques.  Her explanations and diagrams are well done and easy to follow.

Through the above sites, I have met so many others that to list them would be a shame because I might miss someone.  It was certainly a pleasure to meet and take classes from them as well as meet other tatters from around the world.

From my weekend experience, tatters are a caring, helpful and funny group of people. I am certainly glad to be a part of this wonderful group!


  1. Phyllis, I looked and looked and could not find you at Tat Days! I am so sorry we didn't get to meet. I took Georgia's class also- but you must have been in her other one. What rotten luck.

    I am glad to know you had a good time. I love Tat Days. This was my second time and I am addicted!

    Linda R