Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Here are a couple of presents that I have completed this past week. 

The ink pen insert is for a coworker that came last week to let me back into our work building that I accidently locked myself out of (did not realize until later that the neighbor business had a key for our door for when UPS comes to deliver and we are closed).  Anyway, the pattern is from last years Tat Days.  It consists of three rows of split rings joined together to make a tube.  Thread was hand dyed by me as an experiment.

The seahorse earrings were a request from a family member.  She saw me wear a pair earlier this year and I asked if she wanted a pair.  We decided on a color.  I found the hand dyed thread on Etsy.  Did not know what I was going to make with it at the time.  Well the time came and found these earrings.  Pattern was also from last years Tat Days.  They will be in the mail to the recipient tomorrow.

There is still time to register for this year's Tat Days.  It is September 5-6 in Toccoa, GA.

This makes 8 of my July-Dec motif challenge complete.


  1. Those are fabulous!!!! :)
    Great gift idea!!! :)
    Love those earrings!!! :) Awesome color!!!

  2. I've never thought of tatting a pen insert... very cool!

  3. That pen insert looks very nice. There was no rush to the palmetto tat days, since there are still vacant places. I so wish i could go. I am stuck with my tatting znd i need a new boost from someone! I zm happy for you that you can go!