Sunday, August 17, 2014

Thread for Large Doily

Here are the colors I have dyed for the Jan Stawasz doily tat-along over at Intatters.  I only changed my mind 3-4 times.  In the end, I am pleased.  I am working in size 30 as I do not want it as large as the Renulek Spring 2014 doily.  I used GraceT's estimation of yardage per row and then dyed extra just because I could.  I will definitely have plenty of thread.  The thread is not variegated as indicated in the picture.  They are solid golden yellow, aquamarine, turquoise and gray.

I am using Jan's method of tatting.  This is the second time I have started on the middle.  Was almost done and noticed I did not do vsp for half of the rings.  The brain was not functioning when looking at the diagram and thinking that all the rings get attached to the next row, not half (diagram shows the whole middle but only half rows from there on so brain forgot to make the vsp all the way around).   I have now made red dots on all joins that need vsp's!


  1. Great thread! It will make an interesting Monster Doily!

  2. Can't wait to see the finished project!! :)