Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Taking a Break

I am taking a little break from the Monster Doily to tat a few little things on the bucket list. 

First, I have been playing with embroidery floss and Jane's Emotitats.  I have noticed a difference in the brand of floss.  Both were made with three threads to give me a size 20 equivalent.  The small one is Hobby Lobby brand and the bigger one is DMC.  I have made another with the HL brand but I used 4 strands instead.  It came out much better. 

The green Kudzu bear was made with hand-dyed by me thread.  I have the link to the bear on a previous post.

I am keeping the bears (so far named Hucklebeary-Purple, Kudzu-Green, Bluebeary-Blue) as extras in by tatting bag.  These are great to give to kids where ever we are - who are interested in what I am doing.  I am going to be keeping some of the Emotitats as well.  I can give these to the bigger kids/adults.

I have completed another project, it is being stiffened and will be another post later this week.


  1. Thanks. I am going to be looking for more of these types of projects. They are quick and fun.