Thursday, November 29, 2018


My daughter was invited to participate in a craft show for her quilt guild.  I mentioned that I would tat up a few items that she could sell.  Unfortunately, she was scheduled to work that evening.  These will be held until next year.  Items will be added as I have spare (?) time this coming year. 

The doily is Mary Konior  Spinning Wheel mat from her book Tatting with Visual Patterns.  I had a pair of Christmas Trees with silver beads, but I offered them to my daughter.  The red floating heart is Nina Libin's pattern from Tat Days 2018.  It is tatted with Oren Bayan metallic.  It will be a gift to my grand daughter for Christmas.  She had open heart surgery to fix a couple of holes in her heart when she was 4-months old.  Still need to do the necklace chain piece. 

Been working on a pattern for Tat Days 2019 and have at least one or two others that need to be designed from paper drawings. 


  1. The spinning wheel mat looks good in those colours. You’ll have to put them away in a safe place, unless you get an earlier chance to sell them.

  2. I have a zip bag at my work station. Everything will goi in there. Need toitoi finish with findings and place on cards. Then a safe place will need to be found.