Sunday, October 8, 2017

New Acquisitions

Here are my newest acquisitions.  No I did not need them but they are so pretty.  The mother-of-pearl is from Rita at Shuttles by Design.  The moon/witch is from Lisa at Tatting Corner.  It was one of those "I saw it and I just had to have it" moments.  Love them both!

Started a new doily as my go to project while working on my proficiency course.  Been attending Georgia's online class on Mondays and Sue's Tatting Design class on Tuesday. 

Since we have rain thanks to Nate today, think I will see what I can come up with for a tatted paperclip pattern for Georgia.  Stay tuned!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Home from Tat Days

Finally catching up on last weekends Tat Days held in Toccoa, GA.  What a wonderful weekend.  Unfortunately, Hurricane Irma hit Florida that weekend.  Thoughts and prayers were with those who were not able to attend.  All in all, it was nice to meet new tatters whom I knew in name only and friends I have met at previous Tat Days.

My major secret project this year was:  tatting 120 lucky pennies.  These were sent to Palmetto Tatters to include in the goodie bags.  No two colors were the same and each had a shiny penny!

I did behave myself this year.  I ordered two books (3-D flowers and the nativity) from Reit prior to Tat Days.  However, I saw the Tatting Online and Beads and Knots.  They somehow jumped into my hands!

I saw the cat shuttle and "I just had to have it". The blue tatting book was given to my by a fellow tatter that happen to have an extra copy.  Lots of nice patterns.  The royal blue shuttle was a shuttle that just happen to jump in my hands also (love blue anyway).  The denim varigated thread was the only thread obtained this year.

I had the opportunity to meet Diane C. aka Lace Lovin Librarian and Wally Sosa.  I was selected to test tat and be class helper to all of Wally Sosa's classes (bottom left - suncatcher, angel, button flower oya igne style, and hybrid tatting bracelet).   I have to admit that I shuttle tatted the hybrid bracelet with split rings originally.  I did learn to needle tat the weekend before Tat Days as hubby watched Georgia Seitz Needle Tatting DVD so I was able to help those in class (the pattern was specifically made for needle tatting with the help of a shuttle).  I came home and got out a needle and redid the bracelet as proof I did the pattern correct.

The early class on Saturday was the Ice Blossom by Karey Solomon and Friday's Fleur-de-lis by Linda Reiff.  The last tatted item in this photo is my cup sleeve from the class I taught.

The final photo was another surprise.  Baby Groot was finished up Wednesday morning prior to leaving.  It is a crochet pattern that I converted to tatting.  This was my first attempt at converting.  I give kudos to those who have converted other patterns.  It is made in three parts.  Each part is a continuous chain and lots of Catherine Wheel Joins.  With the theme of Tat-A-Con, I could not pass at trying my hand at this pattern and showing it as eye candy.  I was very surprised when I went to pick it up that it had won Best of Theme.  I selected one of Rita Richmond - Shuttle by Design - commemorative shuttles.  

Need to start back on the paperclip project I started for the online tatting class - class starts on Monday!!!!  Will be taking some time to catchup on a tat along doily and then finish up on my Proficiency Course.  After that,  might be time to think about next years Tat Days.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Tat Days 2017

Just about all packed.  Finishing up some projects for the silent auction, need to finish a project for show and tell, dye a couple more colors of thread that I will be selling in vending and finish gathering my tatting for classes.  What a crazy year this has been.  Normally, I would be ready to go by now.  But this year, I seem to be running late on everything.  I am hoping to get back to a normal schedule when I return from Tat Days.

Hubby has been watching the Shuttle Tatting and now the Needle Tatting DVD's by Georgia Seitz he won from Tat Days.  He is doing needle tatting along with Georgia and has done a ring with a double picot!.  He says needle tatting is easier than shuttle.  I am glad he is enjoying the art!

I look forward to the weekend as a time to meet up with past friends, friends met online and meeting new friends.  Also look forward to picking up a couple of additional books for my library.

As fall gets closer, online tatting classes will be restarting.  I look forward to attending these each week.  Just seems like I have missed quite a bit this year.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Blog Moderation

I have put my blog on moderation mode for a while.  I had a post that apparently being posted to several blogs about being selected as one of 75 best blogs.  I have since deleted that post.  Just a minor inconvenience but worth it to keep my blog tatting related.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Misc and Adventures in Dye Land

The first photo are two new additions to my library.  Have to wait until later this year to start.  The Tatting a 4 Square Ring has many options.  No diagrams but lots of information for those who like adventure.

The Tatted Quilt Squares was a surprise book from my daughter. 

The four colors of green was done as an adventure.  The far right is from the Tulip Custom Tie Dye kit called "Mint".  There is a booklet that comes with the kit for many custom colors.  A little light for me but a start for future reference when using this kit.  Of course, to start I had to scale down the amount of dye and water.  Also, I noticed there is quite a bit of filler with the Tulip dyes (might be the soda ash).  When using regular fiber reactive dyes with the same amount of dye/water as the Tulip, the color turned out more of a yellow-green instead of a green-blue.

I have been interested in trying to convert Pantone or CMYK colors into colors I can duplicate with the fiber reactive dyes.  I came across a blog called Leigh's Fiber Journal.  She has had adventures in try to come up with dye recipes with computer coding.  She then decided to dabble into CMYK/fiber reactive dyes.  This has been interesting to me from the start.  Well I got to play a little and this is what I came up with.  The color I was trying to duplicate is Pantone 351 Mint.  I think I am pretty close with the second from left (blue holder).  I plan to keep experimenting with another desired color to see if I can duplicate.  Stay tuned for further experiments.

The last photo is a desired color gone experimental.  I had intended this to be more red than greenish, however, I accidently added yellow instead of fuchsia.  The resulting color is interesting.  It is a green but kind of has a slight yellowish background.  Really like this color.  I have make a couple of 50 yard skeins in size 20 that I will be selling at Tat Days.