Sunday, December 4, 2016

Lucky Pennies and Jewelry

Been working on my lucky penny collection. Twenty-nine are now complete (out of the 150ish I am planning on making).  As I finish, I place in plastic bags to keep them clean.  I will make labels for them when all are done.  I am using the bright pennies with the shield on the back.  If they are not quite as bright as I would like, I am using Brasso to brighten them up.

The tatted jewelry is from Marilee Rockley's Tatting with Beads Jewelry book.  Beads for the first piece, Beatrice, are from Fusion Beads (along with the findings when I finish them off later this week).  The second set, Beaded Path, I found beads in my stash.  Please with the way these turned out.

I am now designing a piece to submit for next years Tat Days.  Would like to finish this design along with another before the end of January 2017. This way I will be ready to submit when Palmetto Tatters Guild opens up applications.

With the completion of these items, this now completes my third 25-motif challenge.  I am going to take the next year off from this challenge as I want to submit my application for Phase III (final phase) of the Tatters Across Time Proficiency Course.  I will be turning all my attention to this phase once it is received.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Still Tatting

Can't believe it has been over a month since I last posted.  My how time is flying.

I am still tatting.  Marilee Rockley's newest book happen to find its way to my house.  The beige piece on the right is the Beatrice necklace.  Will be making the earrings as well.  After this piece, I will work on the Beaded Path necklace and earring set from the same book.  Beads are from Fusion Beads in Seattle Washington.  Thread is Artiste Eggnog from Hobby Lobby.

The Barrett and the other pinky motif are from Tat Days 2016.  Aldebaran Dragonseed Star by Karey Solomon and the 3-D Barrette is by Sherry Pence.  Thread is Lizbeth, HDT by me.

The orange/gold is the Lucky Penny pattern by Carolyn Craig from the Facebook Tatting Groups.  I have 19 made.  My goal is to make approximately 130.  It is for a secret project.  Each one is made with a different color of thread.  It is one way to figure out how many colors I have (and if I need more). 

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Tat Days - Part 2

Purchased three kits to work on.  The Headlace kit I am going to try and make for Granddaughters B'day in November.  It is from Sherry Pence.  The other two kits are from Nina Libin.  I was not able to take Nina's Interlaced Necklace so I purchased the kit.  The Gold jewelry set was pretty and it found it's way into my hands as well.

The shuttles are from Rita Richmond - Shuttle By Design.  I asked her if it was possible to have a shuttle with the "P" available for pickup at Tat Days.  She was able to accommodate my request.  I tried to be good but she has new acrylic shuttles and the blue one was calling out to me.

The mini shuttles were 3-d printed by Tim Kaylor.  These were in the goodie bags.  They are nice for smaller amounts of thread projects.

The tatted projects are Tat Days test pieces.  The navy/gold and dark pink bracelet strips are from Martha Ess' Starry Bracelet class.  Navy has beads, the dark pink - no beads.  Will finish the navy with bracelet findings for Granddaughter.  The bear was tatted in size 10 (pattern called for size 10, but 10 was all I had on vacation to tat the project).  It is from Martha Ess' Technique Teddy Bear class.  The red/white star is another Martha Ess design.  It is her Broomstick Picot Star.   The navy angel is a design by Kathy Hodge called Guardian Angel.  All the tatted pieces can be found on the Palmetto Tat Days 2016 CD.

The book was a last minute kind of gotta have purchase.  With the arrival of a Grandson this past April, he will need some tatted items as well.  This book has 3-d projects (a train, trees, and several buildings).  

Lastly - not Tat Days related - Marilee Rockley aka Yarnplayer has a new book of tatted beaded jewelry coming out in November.  Check her blog for info on presales through  I have mine on preorder.

Sigh, so many projects, so little time!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Tat Days - Part 1

Slowly unpacking and trying to get organized.  Thought I would post as I unpack so I do not confuse myself.

Top left photo is a picture of the Hands of Many Gestures class that I was to teach.  Thread is size 20, HDT by me in Rust.  Unfortunately, this class was cancelled, put the pattern should be on the Tat Days CD.

Top right are two books I won at the silent auction.  The black book is very interesting and may come in handy while thinking of next year's Tat Days.

Bottom left are pics of finished projects.  Yeah, I actually have finished projects to show.  The Love 2 TAT by Carol Lowe class I picked up in place of the hand class.  Thread is Jelly Bean Lizbeth, size 20.  The barrett is Sherry Pence's 3-D Barrett Flower.  Thread is Lizbeth but do not remember the name.  This will be going to Granddaughter when I see her this week.  The earrings are from my Encased Gem Earring class.    Thread is Lizbeth Navy.

Bottom right are books I picked up.  I see a "Pinky Pie" horse for Granddaughter and lots of little coasters in my future!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Until Next Year

Home from Tat Days.  Exhausted from two days on vacation and two full days of Tat Days.  It was nice to see tatters I met in the past, tatters I have never met in person and faces to names to those I have met online.

It is going to take a few days to recover.  Have a couple projects to finish.  Will gather all projects, any test tatting, etc and post pictures later this week.

Other than being very tired, I had a great time.  Everyone is so nice.  Tatters even look out for one another even if they are not as prepared as they hoped.  The Friday after banquet auction was spectacular as always.  Georgia does a great job.  A smaller second auction was held on Saturday late morning by Georgia.  Both auctions had wonderful items that now have new homes.

Time flies so fast when having fun.  If all goes well, I will be back next year.  I some ideas for projects, but for now, rest - rest - rest.