Friday, July 20, 2018

Dolily and Surgery Rehab

Had Carpal Tunnel and Trigger Finger surgery last month. Surgery went well. Was told to use hand immediately (but when it hurts, stop). Needlework was perfect for the rehab. I have been tatting a lot of butterflies using bits of thread I had in my stash. These will be donated.

The purple doily was also part of my planned rehab. I started before surgery just to get a feel for the pattern that can be found here. It is Tatted Doily 4 from free-tatting. I had to really watch the stitch counts and I started my rows differently from the pattern. Lizbeth Grape size 20 was used.

The varigated pink doily I made for my granddaughter. I did not do all the rows as she said it was big enough. It is from Tatting a 4 Square Ring by Mary Maynard. Pretty easy pattern, but it is amazing how the easiest patterns are the worst for retro tatting.  I used size 30 thread I had purchased at Palmetto Tat Days a year or so ago.

Friday, June 29, 2018

Tat -Along

Vicki Clarke has started a quick tat-along today. Info can be found here:

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Tatted Jewelry

These items did not get shipped in time for Palmerto Tatters craft shows.  Plan B - they will be coming with me to Tat Days in September.

I decided almost at last moment to teach this year.  I thought outside the box again this year and came up with a nice beginner pattern.  It features using a SSSR - single shuttle split ring - as the last last ring to avoid hiding ends.  Registration is now open.  More info is found here.

I will be busy in August dyeing thread to sell at Tat Days.  I don't dye large quantities as I am still learning.  I will be doing a couple color ways that were new last year plus a few new ones for this year.  Will try and post pic when all done.

Tatting might be hit and miss for a few weeks.  I have had trigger thumb for over a year.  Last month I had an incident of tingling fingers.  Come to find out I now have carpal tunnel as well.  Surgery is scheduled for this week as thumb is still bothering me.  He will hopefully fix both issues.  The bright side is no rehab and I am to start using hand immediately, needlework is not off limits just no heavy lifting.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Beaded Lanyards

My DH received a request for a couple of lanyards.  The pattern is from Patti Duff titled Beaded Lanyard.  The pink is Lizbeth Girly Girl.  Beads are a metallic pink and a pink middle with a blue/purple transparent outer covering.  Alternated the beads.  The other is Lizbeth Rainbow Splash.  Beads are metallic gunmetal.

Now working on a few projects to send to Palmetto Tatters.  They are going to be doing a couple of craft shows in April.  Thought I would send somethings as a way to give back for all they do.  Stay tuned for pictures.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

TIAS, Quilt Squares and Brussel Squares

TIAS for 2018 is now finished.  She has been swimming her way across the pond and finally made it into Jane's email basket.  It was another wonderful TIAS.  Thread was my own HDT in Cherry Cola with yellow eyes and Lizbeth pink thread.

I did a few of the Brussel Squares.  I did not send them (missed the deadline).  But I loved the pattern.  Worked them up with bits of pink thread I had on shuttles or left over from previous projects.

I have also been busy finishing up on 6 quilt squares for the 2018 Palmetto Tat Days scholarship.  Had fun deciding what to put on the squares.  Patterns were from Jane Eborall, Georgia Seitz, Sherry Pence, Karey Soloman, Wally Sosa, Martha Ess, Coretta De Loughmiller, Mary Konior and my own design.  If I have forgotten anyone, please forgive me.  I just started tatting away without writing down who was what's design.

I have another request for a couple more lanyards.  Halfway done with one.

Palmetto Tatters is doing a couple craft shows in April.  Would also like to tat a few projects for them to sell.

Also, I did submit and approved to teach a class for this years Palmetto Tat Days to be held in September.