Sunday, March 10, 2019

Thread Dyeing

Got ambitious last week and got my dyes out.  Here are the results.

The first set are from The Dyer's Dictionary that I am slowly going through.  I can definitely see uses for some of these colors.  May do a varigated using about 3-4 of these colors.

The red set is my attempt to dye a cmyk color:  Clemson Orange.  The front is using a converted formula that I could find online.  The back is using 1/2 of the fuchsia.  I have done some more research and have learned there are two sets of primary dyes that a couple of dyers use:  an earthly one and a jewel one.  I will do some more experimenting this week and see if I can actually come closer to the orange color I want.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Tat Days and Tat Along

Just a quick FYI post.

For those interested, Palmetto Tatters Guild is requesting teacher applications for their Tat Days September 5-8, 2019 in Toccoa, GA.  Applications are accepted through February 20, 2019.  For further information:

Tat-a-Renda is hosting a tat-along doily.  Beautiful with a couple rounds amazing looking.  Will join in as soon as I get caught up with pattern designing for Tat Days.  Have my thread and shuttles ready to tat.

I also have a couple of WIP that need completing.  Want to do them this week so I can clean up my tatting area a little bit.

Have been ambitious a bit at playing with my dyes again.  Plan on doing more on Friday.  Will post  next week when they are complete. 

Thursday, November 29, 2018


My daughter was invited to participate in a craft show for her quilt guild.  I mentioned that I would tat up a few items that she could sell.  Unfortunately, she was scheduled to work that evening.  These will be held until next year.  Items will be added as I have spare (?) time this coming year. 

The doily is Mary Konior  Spinning Wheel mat from her book Tatting with Visual Patterns.  I had a pair of Christmas Trees with silver beads, but I offered them to my daughter.  The red floating heart is Nina Libin's pattern from Tat Days 2018.  It is tatted with Oren Bayan metallic.  It will be a gift to my grand daughter for Christmas.  She had open heart surgery to fix a couple of holes in her heart when she was 4-months old.  Still need to do the necklace chain piece. 

Been working on a pattern for Tat Days 2019 and have at least one or two others that need to be designed from paper drawings. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Tat Days - Part 3 (Final)

Three more classes today.  Lee Pearl Flower, Puzzle Fun with Split Rings and Single Shuttle Stacked Rings.

Lee Pearl Flower was another single shuttle pattern.  I saw the teaser and thought what a great item for a barrette for my granddaughter. I showed her the picture and then let her select the thread.

An open forum for everyone was conducted prior to lunch.  Designing 101.  There was a panel of distinguished designers that talked about how they got into designing, with tips for those who do or would like to design.  Good tips.  One thing I saw was a panelist that had a notebook.  In the notebook were samples of lots of techniques along with finished designs using the techniques.  That is the best tip I came away with and am going to start my own notebook.  It will be a good reference tool when designing future patterns. 

Puzzle Fun was the class I taught.  I like to think outside the box.  It is made of individual pieces (just like a puzzle).  My students were really excited.  One piece was tatted to learn the technique of split and thrown off rings along with single shuttle split ring to end the piece.  Between continuous thread method and SSSR, there are no ends to tie, cut and hide.

Single Shuttle Stacked Rings 2 colors is based on "Waves earrings by Corina Meyfeldt" which can be found on Craftree.  The technique of stacked rings was new to me.  Instead of cut/tie/hide ends between the two colors, I just added the new thread by hiding ends between last and first color rings.  I also decided to add beads but with a twist.  Black beads on Boysenberry and Boysenberry on Black.  It was a hit in class with show and tell along with pictures and instructions.  Another color variation was discussed in class and I will be try it out later.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Tat Days - Part 2

The tractor was made as a last minute project.  It is a Caterpillar want to be tractor in memory of brother-in-law that just recently past.  He worked at a tractor museum with Caterpillar tractors.  My plans are to make a memory picture with the tatted tractor and send to my sister-in-law to give to museum.

Karen Brovard Sayre held a class at Tat Days - day 1 evening - on enamel shuttles.  Kits were available for purchase, the tatter decorated them and then Karen finished the firing process.  Mine has a bronze background.  The painting did not quite turn out the way I thought, but it will be used.

Tat Days - Day 2

First class of the day was a lecture opened to everyone.  Karen Brovard Sayre was the leader for "Repairing Mistakes."  Very informative and lots of information.

Classes for today included Curled Rings, Chains from Point A to B and Beaded Clover necklace.  Curled rings are new to me.  Really easy and beautiful technique.  Chains was another technique class.  Lots of different chains were presented with instructions on how to do them.  I selected several to try that looked interesting.  The necklace was a nice, easy pattern that was great for the end of the day.  All projects were actually finished in class which is a first for me!

The gold infinity ring was one of the early bird classes on day 3.  I have had the pattern for a while but have not attempted it.  For a 6:30 am class, it is not bad although the brain did not want to function quite right (3 attempts because I could not read properly!).

Then there was the evening banquet and auction.  Georgia Seitz was wonderful again as auctioneer.  Things started out slow but as the evening progressed, things heated up.  I win a package that included a needle tatting book for hubby, a tatting book for me and a couple of skeins of Manuela size 20 thread.  One spool was given to Georgia.

The little beaded earrings I won at the silent auction the next day.  These were tatted by Nina Libin.  It is an honor to own a pair tatted by her.