Sunday, January 15, 2017

Pinkie Pie & Misc

Granddaughter loves My Little Pony especially Pinkie Pie.  Here is a tatted version.  Pattern is from Toys for Tatting by Martha Ess.  I had tatted Granddaughter's name in 2012/2013.  This will be placed in a frame with her name for a wall hanging.  Note:  when I first started the pony, I showed Granddaughter.  Her response was "I don't want a flower", referring to the rear.   The words of a 4-year old.  Thread is Lizbeth Size 20 in Dusty Rose Lt and Azalea Med.

I submitted my application for the Tatters Across Time Proficiency Course, Phase III.  I have been notified I should be receiving my packet this week.  I am going to be concentrating on this course to submit it back in a timely manner.  At least that is the plan right now.  TIAS is in full swing along with a special project I am doing.  Focus, focus, focus.

Applications are being accepted by the Palmetto Tatters Guild for Tat Days 2017 to be held this September. Two patterns are complete.  Just want to retat one and write up the other prior to submittal.  Applications are due mid-February.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

TIAS and Tatted Squares

Just a reminder, Jane Eborall will be starting this years Tat It and See (TIAS) this Wednesday!

Since Metro Atlanta is pretty much iced in this weekend (and maybe until Tuesday), I have plenty of time to tat.  I saw a snowflake on The Mickey Mouse Club program (Granddaughter likes watching the program) and thought that would be a great tatted pattern.  The snowflake has diamond shapes in it.  I had seen an article before and after a Google search found it.  The author referenced a book by Anne Dyer To Boldly Go Where No Shuttle Has Gone Before.  Just so happens I was able to pick up that book at Tat Days last year.  Here is my first attempt. I am actually making a star (5 points instate of 6).  Pattern is about half done.  This will be submitted for Tat Days later this year.  Nice technique for making odd shapes.  EDIT:  Star did not work.  Back to drawing board to modify it to a snowflake (6 points).

Just goes to show, you never know when inspiration will come from when looking for items to tat.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

2017 TIAS

Jane Eborall has posted the intro for next years TIAS aka Tat It And See!  Starting date is January 11.  This will be my 5th year.  Boy how time flies. 

TIAS is a tat along.  Little pieces of a pattern are published every 3-4 days for about a month.  You may join in at any time - there is no time limit.  The fun part is watching other tatters submitting there pieces with guesses along the way.  Sometimes this is the first thing I do in the morning is to check the blog and read the posts!

If you have never tried the TIAS, I would highly recommend.  It is easy and fun.  Instructions for some techniques are explained.  If you have any questions, you may ask at any time.  There are plenty of tatters who will gladly help.  If you have participated in the past, I look forward to seeing you again.

See you all in January.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Lucky Pennies and Jewelry

Been working on my lucky penny collection. Twenty-nine are now complete (out of the 150ish I am planning on making).  As I finish, I place in plastic bags to keep them clean.  I will make labels for them when all are done.  I am using the bright pennies with the shield on the back.  If they are not quite as bright as I would like, I am using Brasso to brighten them up.

The tatted jewelry is from Marilee Rockley's Tatting with Beads Jewelry book.  Beads for the first piece, Beatrice, are from Fusion Beads (along with the findings when I finish them off later this week).  The second set, Beaded Path, I found beads in my stash.  Please with the way these turned out.

I am now designing a piece to submit for next years Tat Days.  Would like to finish this design along with another before the end of January 2017. This way I will be ready to submit when Palmetto Tatters Guild opens up applications.

With the completion of these items, this now completes my third 25-motif challenge.  I am going to take the next year off from this challenge as I want to submit my application for Phase III (final phase) of the Tatters Across Time Proficiency Course.  I will be turning all my attention to this phase once it is received.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Still Tatting

Can't believe it has been over a month since I last posted.  My how time is flying.

I am still tatting.  Marilee Rockley's newest book happen to find its way to my house.  The beige piece on the right is the Beatrice necklace.  Will be making the earrings as well.  After this piece, I will work on the Beaded Path necklace and earring set from the same book.  Beads are from Fusion Beads in Seattle Washington.  Thread is Artiste Eggnog from Hobby Lobby.

The Barrett and the other pinky motif are from Tat Days 2016.  Aldebaran Dragonseed Star by Karey Solomon and the 3-D Barrette is by Sherry Pence.  Thread is Lizbeth, HDT by me.

The orange/gold is the Lucky Penny pattern by Carolyn Craig from the Facebook Tatting Groups.  I have 19 made.  My goal is to make approximately 130.  It is for a secret project.  Each one is made with a different color of thread.  It is one way to figure out how many colors I have (and if I need more).