Saturday, January 20, 2018

Still Here & Projects

I have been very laxed at posting.  Actually, been very busy catching up on things.  With the holidays and a couple of personal things going on, posting did not even cross my mind.  Hopefully, things are starting to simmer down so I can start working on projects put on hold.

I was asked to make some lanyards for a couple of co-workers at DH's work.  This is a pattern by Patti Duff.  Colors are Lizbeth Size 20 in Niagara Falls, Girly Girl and Grape Pomegranate.  I actually did two of the Grape Ponegranate as someone else wanted one.

Working on a cross stitch by The Frosted Pumpkin.  It is a stitch-along with a piece being published each month.  This years theme is Into the Jungle and features baby jungle animals.  Will post when January's is done.  Just have a corner left.

Finished a doily by Alenalea Tatting.  This was a tat-along she did last summer/fall.  Thread was knit crosheen, size 10.  I had picked this up at Goodwill.  Given to my mother for Christmas.

Jane Eborall has started her annual TIAS (tat it and see).  She has posted Day 2 today.

Palmetto Tatters Organization is accepting applications for teachers and logo submissions.  These are due February 21.  I do not think I will be teaching this year.  Have an idea(s), but have other things to be doing.  Will work on them this year and be better prepared for next year.

Quilt squares are due March 20 to the Palmetto Tatters Organization for this years scholarship.  I have several that I need to get on, complete and ship before the deadline.  Information can be found on the above Palmetto link.

There is also a Tat a Brussels Monument in pink tatting project going on.   This is also on the list of tatting projects to complete before the deadline. 

Ta-ta for now.