Monday, April 1, 2019

Playing with Dyes Again

After a few more tries, I think I have come close to obtaining a Clemson Orange.  The ones on the right were my tries 6&7.  I used a different red.  Number 7 was more orange, but not correct.  After doing some more research and tweaking the cmyk formula, I came up with the colors on the left.  I believe the first one on the left is the one I want.

I have looked through the dyed samples I have already done.  I believe I have a Clemson Purple and Garnet done.  I will make better samples and send to someone to verify I have correct colors. 

The photo upper right is me playing with dyes.  The blue-green is a request from my daughter.  I have this and a shade lighter.  The other butterflies is a light muted green and muted blue-violet (photo does not do it justice).  I have dyed some to come to Palmetto Tat Days this year.  The green is hopefully close to a parrot green.  I have not decided if I will dye this one for tat days. 

The lower left is back to working on the Dyer's Dictionary samples.  Love playing and combining colors.  Never know what color will come out.  Pictures in a book are sometimes different shades than what is dyed outcome.  Also, there are other variables (water temp, humidity, operator error...) that come into play as well. 

The doily is from Tat-a-Renda tat-along she hosted (see a previous post).  I decided to finish my doily a few rows short.  Thread is April Showers that I had purchased online several years ago.