Sunday, August 23, 2015

Grab 'N Go Bags, Necklace, Doily

Finished my first two grab 'n go bags.  The large one has 10 small pockets and the smaller one has 6.  They are drawstring.  The larger one is big enough to put the Monster doily in with room to spare.

The necklace is hdt by me with sparkle beads.  Pattern is called Collana by silfoxestating (FB post Aug/Dec 2014).  Made for my brothers wedding in November.  Now to get the dress made.

The blue doily is something quick that I made to enter in the fair.  Pattern can be found in Tatted Fashion by Teiko Fujito.

The necklace and doily make number 15 and 16 of the 25 motif challenge.

Two weeks before Tat Days.  Wire legs need to be cut for the Tatting Bug class I am teaching.  Need to finish more bags to take with me for vending.  Shuttles need to be wound for the classes I am taking as well as gathering my tatting accessories.  Tags need to be made for the bags and shuttles my husband will be selling.  All this plus watching granddaughter a few days and taking mother to doctor/car dealer for vehicle recall work.  Time flies when having fun!