Sunday, August 16, 2020

Quarantine Doilies

This is the results of mytat-along tatting during our 6-month quarantine.  

Pink Threads that Bind pattern is size 30 knit crosheen and purple/turquoise Harmony is size 20 HDT Carribe from Karey Solomon and Lizbeth turquoise.  Both patterns are from Tat-A-Renda.   Harmony was a little tight towards the end an I realized I can not count on one of the rows.  Decided to improvise as I did not want to retrotat or cut that row out.

The brown is a Square Doily pattern by Toni Storer.  The tat-along was sponsered by Jenni Clark.  Thread is size 20 Cebelia.  This is certainly a different and was pretty easy to tat.  I found it needed quite a bit of pressing as it seemed to cup on me.  Could be the way I tat and tension.  

Square doily has a reserved spot in the house.  Harmony has been claimed by Granddaughter (although she originally claimed the pink).  I will reask when I see her next.

Now onto finishing the monster doily.  There are 3 3/4 rows left.  I have decided I am not going to tat the last row as I can not decide on color to tat it.