Tuesday, June 12, 2012

HDT and Awareness Ribbon

I want to support a family member diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  After looking up the color for an awareness ribbon (teal) I went looking for thread.  Unable to find the color I wanted, I proceeded to try my hand a mixing the color and dyeing the thread myself.    The pattern is by Lenore English, which I downloaded several years ago.  My fourth mixture was perfect for the color I wanted.  The photo is my result and the finished ribbon.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tatting Shipment Received

My latest shipment from Handy Hands arrived today.  The book is in German.  I will need to translate some of the text!  The diagrams are great and am excited to get started on some of the projects.  My first thought is to do the peacock in colors similar to a regular peacock.  Will need to think on that idea.  The thread is size 10.  I have been waiting for it so I may started my Tatters Across Time Proficiency course.