Friday, July 20, 2018

Dolily and Surgery Rehab

Had Carpal Tunnel and Trigger Finger surgery last month. Surgery went well. Was told to use hand immediately (but when it hurts, stop). Needlework was perfect for the rehab. I have been tatting a lot of butterflies using bits of thread I had in my stash. These will be donated.

The purple doily was also part of my planned rehab. I started before surgery just to get a feel for the pattern that can be found here. It is Tatted Doily 4 from free-tatting. I had to really watch the stitch counts and I started my rows differently from the pattern. Lizbeth Grape size 20 was used.

The varigated pink doily I made for my granddaughter. I did not do all the rows as she said it was big enough. It is from Tatting a 4 Square Ring by Mary Maynard. Pretty easy pattern, but it is amazing how the easiest patterns are the worst for retro tatting.  I used size 30 thread I had purchased at Palmetto Tat Days a year or so ago.