Saturday, January 4, 2020

Happy New Year

Happy New Years to everyone.  Hope your year is healthy, full of joy/happiness and whatever crafts you are involved in.

Been working on redoing the 3D cube from Karen Brovard's book Illusions of 3-D in Split Ring Tatting.  It is looking better.  Still a challenge for me (tension) but I have figured out a way to make sure it is the rings are close in size to one another.  Love the 3D effect.  Not to wild about the colors.  Will do another but with shades of blue for the cube.

The earrings are a pattern by Nina Libin called Earrings for Snow Princess.  They were a gift for my daughter made with peridot beads (her birthstone).  Swirl join makes the little stary in the middle.

One goal I have set  for myself is to blog an entry a month.  I have been very laxed.  Another goal is to stay organized.  So far both have been accomplished.  I am in the middle of organizing my tatting area.  Hopefully, will have that done tomorrow.  Need to start getting things ready for this year's Tat Days and finish WIP's.  If I can stay organized and focused, I should complete both of these.