Friday, September 25, 2015

Fair Results

Went yesterday on opening day to our local fair.  After going through the barn, we wondered into the craft area to look and see what we did.

I was thinking the lanyard (needlework-misc) and red/white star (Christmas- ornament) would win also.  It just was not meant to be this year.

There were three entries in the tatting category.  My husband received a third for a tatted owl.  Some one else received the first for a white doily.  My brown doily was the second.

The purple necklace was entered in the jewelry category.

Overall, I am pleased.  Now to plan for next year. 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Look what arrived in my mail yesterday.  Edda Guastalla sells them

The book is in Italian.  Google translate and I became friends yesterday afternoon.  The diagrams are great and the pictures fantastic.

I look through this with my almost 3 year old grand daughter.  As she pointed to the alphabets, I was looking at the kitties.  So before nap time, she picked some thread and beads.  The kitty was complete just as she awoke from her nap.

This magazine will bring me lots of tatting moments as I can see myself practically tatting everything in it. 

This now completes my second 25 motif challenge.  I will start a new one but it will probably be in January as I really need to complete other projects first.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Lazy Day

Nothing like staying in pj's all day, watching football and catching up on my tatting projects! 

Planning on completing my proficiency course first, complete/design  tat days 2016 items, then complete monster doily.  There will be other projects in between.  Want to complete one more motif for my 25 motif challenge before the end of the year.  Also, planning on starting a new doily when I am on vacation in a couple of months. 

Saturday, September 19, 2015

2015 Fair Entries

Here is this years fair entries:

1) Coffee/brown Grab 'n Go tote bag (pattern by In Color modified to have pockets on the inside)

2) Mock Cluny star with beads (Karey Solomon's pattern from this years Tat Days)

3) A decoupage shuttle using glitter Modge Podge and Olaf stickers

4) A purple beaded necklace (hand dyed thread by me - see previous post on this one)

5 & 6) A purple beaded lanyard - Patti Duff pattern - and a brown doily.  The doily is from the book Tatting with Friends which I won at this years Tat Days auction.  The thread is Perle cotton which was given to me at one of my classes by A.J. (thank you so much).  These two items will have new homes after the fair (more on this with another post later).

With the lanyard and doily, that makes 23 and 24 of my 25 motif challenge.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Tat Days 2015 Pics

The first pic (upper left) is the Trillium Flower from Linda's (aka StringyDogs - nice to see a face with a name) class.  It is inverted tatting.  Actually was able to finish the project in class!  It now has a new home at my mother's.

The next one is from the auction Friday night.  the DVD's is my husbands and the Tatting With Friends is mine.  Already working on a doily from the book for a fellow tatter. 

The bottom left are pictures of projects from the three classes I taught.  The bug is from The Complete Book of Tatting from Rebecca Jones (used with permission).  The other two are my own design.  The bug class had fun after completing as they enjoyed playing with them.

The last picture are four projects from Karey Solomon's class.  I able to test these for her.  Pendant Necklace (teal), Mock Cluny Star (red and white), Leaping Lambies and Heavenly Tails and Happy Endings are the bookmarks. 

The picture on the left is my husbands raffle prize.

I enjoyed this years Tat Days as I have learned two more techniques to my list (cluny tatting and inverted tatting).  I look forward to next years as I am already thinking of class submittal and the enjoyment of catching up with my fellow tatters.

This now makes 17 through 22 of my 25 motif challenge for 2015.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Another Tat Days Over

Another Tat Days has come and gone.  Taking the day to rest and get reorganized.  Need to take pictures of project and post (probably sometime this week).  Classes I taught went well.  Still found corrections to one of the patterns.  Those that finished their bugs had fun playing with them after class.  Met new tatters, caught up with previous tatters and placed more faces to names of tatters.  Already thinking of next year!