Friday, December 23, 2022

Beaded Flower

 Did this little flower in preparation of doing an Ankars pattern.  Used 3 strands of polyester embroidery thread, two colors.  Pattern is by Corina Meyfeldt and maybe found here: 

Monday, October 10, 2022


Finished my first two doilies from Laura Bziukiewicz’s book Bonded with Tatting.  The pink is Anastasia, Lizbeth size 20.  Red/black is Maya using Knit Crosheen size 10.  These were nice doilies to make.

Saturday, August 27, 2022

Doily and Shuttles

The Online Tatting Class had a special decoupage shuttle class on August 17.  Had some plain shuttles so I joined the fun.  Fabric, paper and stickers were used along with a little glitter modge podge.   The tigger is for my hubby, the blue and red I may bring to next years Tat Days to sell and the other three are for me.

The doily is done in size 30, thread hand dyed by me.  Pattern is called Tatted Pineapple Doily adapted by Kendra Goodnow.  Handy Hands sells the pattern.  I make a doily for someone every year for about 7-8 years now.  This will be mailed or given at next years Tat Days.

Sunday, August 14, 2022

I Think I have a Problem

 First off, life has gotten away from me for quite sometime.  COVID, retirement, family and an aging mother had taken a toll.  I know these sound as excuses (I know they do to me), but with a passing comes relief, and a renewed energy to craft again.

Attended the 20th anniversary of Tat Days sponsored by the Palmetto Tatters.  Had a blast.  It was nice to catch up on people, share small talk, learn new techniques, and have fun.

The blue Beanille lace pendant is a finished project from this years Tat Days.  The red Beanile is called Floating Heart.  I had started this project for my GDaughter in honor of her heart surgery years ago.  Finally finished.  She is excited!

Now for my problem.  Since I am energized in crafting, specifically Tatting, again, I just received Laura Bziukiewicz’s new book called Bonded with Tatting - Doilies.  Just looking through it, it seems well done.  Patterns are written and diagrammed.  Each diagram has the rows color coded and specifies 2 shuttles or ball and shuttle.  Here is the problem,  almost every pattern in this book I want to make!😲  I guess I had better get busy.

Thursday, January 6, 2022

Happy New Years

 Hope everyone is staying healthy and safe.  It sure has been a couple of trying years and this year is not starting any better.

Jane Eborall Will be hosting her TIAS (Tat It and See tat-along) again this year!  Yeah!!!!!  January 12 is the first clue. Click on her name for link.  

Been busy with life as usual lately.  Still tatting when I can.  Learning to use a Cricut.  What an amazing machine.  I am hoping to try and prioritize life so I may concentrate more on tatting.  Have a couple of patterns I would like to design as well as update the patterns in the pattern tab of this blog.