Monday, September 22, 2014

No. GA State Fair 2014 Results

Went to our local fair this evening.  Had a great time.  Chili cheese hot dog with Hawaiian Ice.  I digress a little. 

Before dinner, however, we went to the non-commercial building to look for our entries.  I received one of each ribbon.

The variegated doily is Renulek's Spring doily.  I am please with the result.  The earrings is a pattern from Anitra Stone Tat Days 2012 Chandelier Earrings.  The pink/purple ornament is from Tat Days 2014 (a pattern by Martha Ess).  I am a little disappointed my peacock did not win anything.  I really like the way I mounted it and it will find a place on the wall next week.

The knitted shawl in the upper right corner was made by my daughter and received a first.  Very happy for her.  The wooden shuttle was one my husband made for me.  He did not win a ribbon but he is definitely a winner with me!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Tat Days 2014

Well another session of the Palmetto Tat Days is over.  I had a great time.  Learned to do Baubles, Mignonette and perfected my split chain technique.  Met Karen Brovard, saw Ruth Perry and met up with fellow tatters from previous years and met new ones.  I am looking  forward to next year.

Here are pictures of two of the projects I finished. 

The Bauble will be forwarded to Jane Eborall for her "Exclusive Tatting Club" for Baubles.  Jane, I am fine as an Associate for now.  The mouse is on the list for full membership!  The bauble is made in size 10 hand-dyed by me.

The block tatted ornament was a first for tatting with a charm aka doodad.  Very easy.  Martha had great instructions.  This is size 20, Livi's Ballet Shoes is the variegated by Tatilicious, Hot Pink was hand-dyed by me.

I have submitted the ornament to our fair along with the Renulek Spring doily, chandelier earrings and my tatted peacock which I framed.  Will see next week if any receive ribbons.  If not, that is okay.  I have my free ticket for the fair!

I finished Linda Davies Star Attraction Doily.  I used Lizbeth size 10.  This was given to the Silent Auction at Tat Days.  The picture shows the doily along with the finished peacock.  A dime was used for size comparison.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

North Georgia Fair - Marietta Georgia

For those who live in the Metro Atlanta Georgia area, the North Georgia Fair is this month.  Entries can be dropped off September 13 and 14.  I noticed several entries last year.  I am hoping that if entries increase substantially, that they may consider putting the tatting category back into the catalog.  Until then, I am creative with my entries so I can enter several pieces.