Monday, July 21, 2014

Tat Days 2014 Scholarship Quilts

Just checked the Palmetto Tatters Guild and noticed they have the information for the scholarship quilts (pictures included).  Online donations to win a quilt are being accepted through September 1.  Donations will also be accepted at Tat Days Sept 5-6.  The drawing is Friday evening Sept 5.  My four quilt squares were used on the Tea Time quilt!  So excited to see the quilts done and how lovely they look.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Here are a couple of presents that I have completed this past week. 

The ink pen insert is for a coworker that came last week to let me back into our work building that I accidently locked myself out of (did not realize until later that the neighbor business had a key for our door for when UPS comes to deliver and we are closed).  Anyway, the pattern is from last years Tat Days.  It consists of three rows of split rings joined together to make a tube.  Thread was hand dyed by me as an experiment.

The seahorse earrings were a request from a family member.  She saw me wear a pair earlier this year and I asked if she wanted a pair.  We decided on a color.  I found the hand dyed thread on Etsy.  Did not know what I was going to make with it at the time.  Well the time came and found these earrings.  Pattern was also from last years Tat Days.  They will be in the mail to the recipient tomorrow.

There is still time to register for this year's Tat Days.  It is September 5-6 in Toccoa, GA.

This makes 8 of my July-Dec motif challenge complete.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Tatted Angels

My husband has been tatting angels since he taught himself last September. He is selling them with 75% of the profits going to Children's Hospital of Los Angeles, Children's Hospital of Atlanta, and UCLA cardiac unit. The first listing can be found here These are in memory of our son who had surgeries at all thee of the hospitals and our granddaughter who has had one. 
His goal is to sell 100 of them.   We did a church yard sale with limited success.  I have posted on facebook as well. 

I am trying to help him by sharing his link and this wonderful opportunity of sharing tatting for a good cause with as many people as I can so he can achieve his goal.  Feel free to pass this along to other members of communities you know.

Monday, July 7, 2014

World Cup Tatting

Felt I needed something to do while watching World Cup Soccer the past several weeks.  Here are my results.  Just something easy and not to complicated.

The paperclip birds are from the Palmetto Tatters free patterns page.  It is called Bird on a Wire.  The Snowflake on a Paper Clip is a pattern by Ellen Lai.  It was a class project for the online tatting class.

 The motif is from  It is under motifs (Tatted motives 2).

The Hucklebear is a pattern by Gina Butler.  The Hucklebear is in purple/periwinkle size 10.  Kudzu is in size 20 green/yellow green.  I decided to do a Bluebear in turquoise/sky blue in size 20.  I just added a few extra stitches to the size 20 to make it a little bigger.  I also found for me it was easier to do the eyes and snout first then the head and ears.  These tat up quickly.  Will be sending these to someone who uses these types of items for treasures in teaching 2nd to 4th graders to tat.  The bears I am going to keep making and carry with me as give aways to children who see me tat and are interested.  All thread used for the bears were hand dyed by me.

I have finished my 25-motif challenge.  From January to June, my projects numbered about 31.  Can't believe I have tatted this much this year.  I have decided to start another one for July through December.  So these are my first ones for my new challenge!