Sunday, November 6, 2016

Still Tatting

Can't believe it has been over a month since I last posted.  My how time is flying.

I am still tatting.  Marilee Rockley's newest book happen to find its way to my house.  The beige piece on the right is the Beatrice necklace.  Will be making the earrings as well.  After this piece, I will work on the Beaded Path necklace and earring set from the same book.  Beads are from Fusion Beads in Seattle Washington.  Thread is Artiste Eggnog from Hobby Lobby.

The Barrett and the other pinky motif are from Tat Days 2016.  Aldebaran Dragonseed Star by Karey Solomon and the 3-D Barrette is by Sherry Pence.  Thread is Lizbeth, HDT by me.

The orange/gold is the Lucky Penny pattern by Carolyn Craig from the Facebook Tatting Groups.  I have 19 made.  My goal is to make approximately 130.  It is for a secret project.  Each one is made with a different color of thread.  It is one way to figure out how many colors I have (and if I need more).