Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Lagniappe Doily

After four starts because I did not read the pattern correctly (kept joining instead of putting a small joining picot), Round 5 is finally finished.  This is my home away from home project.  Therefore, I am not in a hurry to finish.  Onto Round 6!

Alenalea Rako is hosting an Advent Calendar Tat-along  2020 through Facebook.  It started yesterday; however, if you haven't joined, it is not to late.  A pattern will be given each day.  Part of the fun is it will use up left over thread left on shuttles or little pieces that you may have left over here and there.

Jane Eborall will do hosting a Tat Along starting in January.  Have missed starting a new year off with tatting.  It is wonderful she is doing this again and very thankful for her time and effort that it takes to host.  

Thursday, November 12, 2020


This is Marilee Rockley’s “Dissent” necklace.  My daughter asked me to tat it for her.  She then framed it.  Necklace is a tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, US Supreme Court Judge, who passed away earlier this year.


Thursday, October 1, 2020



Needed a new project for my home away from home.  Thought I would finally start this doily.  Pic does not do colors justice.  Using a pale peach, peach and a varigated.  Squeezing the daylights out of it and it is coming along great.  A little pressing last night.  Thread is OMEGA size 30 which I purchased several years ago thinking this combination would be great for a doily.  Pattern is by Mike Lyon.  My plan is to only go through round 13.  

The monster doily only has 1 round to go before it is finished to my satisfaction.  This one is my at home project.  Plan is to hopefully finish it before the end of the year.  We shall see!

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Tat Days 2020

 Another Palmetto Tat Days has come and gone.  Different this year, but the classes were great and fun was had by all.  Want to thank the staff from the Palmetto Tatters Guild, volunteers, teachers and the Georgia Baptist Conference center for hosting this year.  There was plenty of hand sanitizer for all along with masks and face shields.  Classes were small (limited to 8) but social distancing was practiced in each class along with spacing in the great room.  I felt confortable and very safe.  

The conference started with dyeing thread and making Celtic shuttles out of popsicle sticks. Tie dye kits were used for the dye.  Eventhough I have dyed my own thread, I did learn a few tricks to practice.  Lots of laughter especially when we doned our speciality evening wear for dyeing (plastic trash can liners).  

The first picture are my completed projects and test tatting I did for Tat Days.  First year I completed all projects from classes I attended.  The only item not there is a bracelet I made for my granddaughter.  Not able to get a picture before I gave it to her.  There is Triangle Edging, Leaf Motif, Rainbow Pearl Snowflake, Rainbow key ring, the Celtic Shuttles, hand dyed thread and Dangle Earrings.  The shuttle is hand painted and was a teacher gift.  The pineapple is a fingerless glove along with wave bracelet and a tatted show which I had the opportunity to test for Erin Mosely.    The other photo are books I picked up for my growning library.

This year there was a virtual online auction.  It was interesting to guess who was bidding on the offered items.  Was also nice to see tatters from other contries log in and check out the items as well.  Georgia Seitz was on the phone before the live auction.  It was good to hear her voice.  Eventhough she was not there, she certainly was there in spirit and thought of by all. 

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Quarantine Doilies

This is the results of mytat-along tatting during our 6-month quarantine.  

Pink Threads that Bind pattern is size 30 knit crosheen and purple/turquoise Harmony is size 20 HDT Carribe from Karey Solomon and Lizbeth turquoise.  Both patterns are from Tat-A-Renda.   Harmony was a little tight towards the end an I realized I can not count on one of the rows.  Decided to improvise as I did not want to retrotat or cut that row out.

The brown is a Square Doily pattern by Toni Storer.  The tat-along was sponsered by Jenni Clark.  Thread is size 20 Cebelia.  This is certainly a different and was pretty easy to tat.  I found it needed quite a bit of pressing as it seemed to cup on me.  Could be the way I tat and tension.  

Square doily has a reserved spot in the house.  Harmony has been claimed by Granddaughter (although she originally claimed the pink).  I will reask when I see her next.

Now onto finishing the monster doily.  There are 3 3/4 rows left.  I have decided I am not going to tat the last row as I can not decide on color to tat it.  

Sunday, July 26, 2020

New Tat-along

Tat-a-Renda (find her on Facebook) is hosting a new tat-along. Harmony is the name of the doily. Here is the first 2 rows. Thread is size 20, HDT by Karey Solomon. Granddaughter has already called dibs for this doily!

Sunday, June 21, 2020

A Couple if Finished Projects

Finally finished a couple of projects.  The first is from Karen Brovard’s Illusions of 3-D in Split Ring Tatting.  Really like the dimension in the finished piece.  This piece was a labor of patience and tension control for me.  Thread was hand dyed by me, size 20.

The 2nd is Tat-A-Renda’s Thread That Binds COVID-19 Tat along.  Thread was a variegated size 30 Knit CroSheen.   Last round was up to the tatters to design their own round.  I decided to go simple with a ring and double picot.

Both need a good blocking but just glad I was able to finish during this time of sheltering.

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Pearl Snowflake

 Lisa from The Tatting Corner held a couple of virtual tatting classes last month.  This is the finished Pearl Snowflake. I like the two color tone of the Design.  Pattern by Kaye B. Judt.  Thread is Lizbeth, size 20.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Shelter Down

Hope everyone is safe and staying sheltered.  DH and I have been working from home over a week.  For me, it has been very relaxing.  Actually been able to have a somewhat normal life with scheduled meals.

On a brighter note, Tat-a-Renda is sponsoring a tat-along through her Facebook page.  The pink/white doily is this WIP.

The big cube is another WIP.  It is from Karen Bovard Illusions of 3-D Split Ring Tatting.  Almost complete.  Six more pieces.  This has certainly tested my ability to keep tension consistent.  Will probably make another in the future.

Earrings and necklace is from Marilee Rockley’s Tatting with Beads Jewelry.  This has become an easy go to pattern if I need a quick gift.

The last is a few rows of a mat from Tatting a 4-Square Ring by Mary Maynard.  I like it so well that I decided to stop and make another using a variegated blue thread.

Lastly,  Karen Solomon is also hosting a Tat-along.  You may find it here:

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Happy New Year

Happy New Years to everyone.  Hope your year is healthy, full of joy/happiness and whatever crafts you are involved in.

Been working on redoing the 3D cube from Karen Brovard's book Illusions of 3-D in Split Ring Tatting.  It is looking better.  Still a challenge for me (tension) but I have figured out a way to make sure it is the rings are close in size to one another.  Love the 3D effect.  Not to wild about the colors.  Will do another but with shades of blue for the cube.

The earrings are a pattern by Nina Libin called Earrings for Snow Princess.  They were a gift for my daughter made with peridot beads (her birthstone).  Swirl join makes the little stary in the middle.

One goal I have set  for myself is to blog an entry a month.  I have been very laxed.  Another goal is to stay organized.  So far both have been accomplished.  I am in the middle of organizing my tatting area.  Hopefully, will have that done tomorrow.  Need to start getting things ready for this year's Tat Days and finish WIP's.  If I can stay organized and focused, I should complete both of these.