Friday, February 13, 2015

Shuttle Tag

My granddaughter found the tatted shuttle tag I made myself last week.  She was very intrigued with it.  So I asked her if she wanted one.  Of course she said yes.  I then took her up and had her pick out the thread.  Now you need to know she is only 2.  I was happy to put things aside and make her one.  She saw the partial (all beads were one it) on Wednesday, picked it up admiring the beads and walked away.  I did receive it back and thought I better finish before I see here again.  She will receive it this afternoon.  The thread is size 20 Lisbeth in Spring Flower.  Pattern can be found here:

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

TIAS and Misc

Finished Jane's TIAS.  I believe my scissors have been used a little to much as the one handle is a little bent.  Thanks Jane for the work you put into this little game.  I enjoyed every minute and sorry to see it end.  Look forward to next years.  Will definitely tat this pattern again and keep them in my container as a give away.

Just submitted my application to teach at Tat Days 2015.  I have attended the last three events.  After taking a couple of online design classes, I was inspired last year to submit an application.  Will see what happens.