Sunday, January 15, 2023

Help with Blogger Comments

 Need help please.  Somewhat tatting related.  I have a blog through blog  Only use it for tatting.  Using my Mobil phone, I can not seem to reply to any comments made to my posts.  I can publish posts with no problem.

Problem is when I try to comment, it wants me to sign into Google.  I click the button, type my login, and it comes back as “not able to sign in to comment.  Check browser configurations to allow sign-in.”  I have check settings and can not figure it out.  Thanks to anyone who can lend assistance.

Saturday, January 14, 2023

Jan Stawasz Doily

Hot off the shuttles.  This is from Jan’s book Tatted Treasures, Doily XIV.  Lizbeth size 20, Burnt Sienna.  Love the color.  A good pressing and it will be finished.  It has been great to be tatting on a regular basis again.  Life is finally starting to settle down so I may start concentrating on me again! 

Going to start working on unfinished projects I have been setting aside.  I have some kits and/or started projects from 2012ish.  I though I had better start working on them as they are not going to finish themselves.