Monday, May 15, 2017

Diamond Snowflake

Here is the finished Diamond Snowflake I wrote about in my last post.  The pattern can be found on my patterns page.  It uses square rings.  There are two versions:  one without beads and one with beads.  After doing both versions, the version without beads seems to create a diamond shape better (my opinion).  Many thanks to Muskaan for testing and submitting suggestions for this pattern. 

Sunday, May 7, 2017

My How Time Goes By

I have been very busy with things and time has gotten away from me.  Time to recap the last two months.

First my Lucky Penny project is half way done.  77 of about 150 complete.  It is amazing how much size 20 thread I have accumulated.  I still have not used double colors yet!

Next, Palmetto Tatters Guild have uploaded class teaser pictures for Tat Days 2017.  Lovely projects as always.

The tatted cats are earrings and the tan, red, and blue are necklace/earrings - all not finished.  Had plans to submit these to the Palmetto Tatters Guild for their craft shows in April.  I misplaced the necklace/earring sets.  By the time I found them, it was to late to submit.  They will be finished and brought to Tat Days for their auction.

The snowflakes are my design.  The pattern was not accepted this year for Tat Days.  Muskaan has been kind enough to test and help with quite a few edits/suggestions on this pattern.  It is based on a snowflake I had seen on the Mickey Mouse Club (watching with Granddaughter).  It is made with square rings as the show was focusing on diamond shapes at that time.  Have one more review and then I will forwarding to Georgia Seitz for the online tatting class.  Will post to blog within the next month or so.  I originally used three shuttles; however, I decided to use only two and then a third thread for the diamonds only.  After making the final green one, I decided I had to make one with beads just to see what it looks like.