Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Jan Stawasz Doily Started

I have started the monster doily and working my way around row III.  I must say after working on size 10 and now using size 30, it seems like I am working on sewing thread!  I am using Jan's method which will yield a front side/back side effect.  To make it easier to follow the pattern, I am writing out the first repeat from the diagram.

Yes, that is a paper roll.  It works great as a thread holder! 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tat Days Scholarship Quilts

Tea PartyTat Days is held in September.  It is a great two day conference being held in Toccoa, GA.  Teachers include Georgia Seitz, Jane Eborall, Martha Ess, Randy Holtz and several others.   Every year there is a fund raiser.  This year there are three quilts that they will raffle off.  They are gorgeous.  More info can be found here:

Please consider a donation of $5 towards our Tat Days Scholarship Fund. Online donations will close Monday, Sept 1, 2014. Drawing will be around 9:00 Friday evening at Tat Days 2014 in Georgia.

Please spread the word and share this post. 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Thread for Large Doily

Here are the colors I have dyed for the Jan Stawasz doily tat-along over at Intatters.  I only changed my mind 3-4 times.  In the end, I am pleased.  I am working in size 30 as I do not want it as large as the Renulek Spring 2014 doily.  I used GraceT's estimation of yardage per row and then dyed extra just because I could.  I will definitely have plenty of thread.  The thread is not variegated as indicated in the picture.  They are solid golden yellow, aquamarine, turquoise and gray.

I am using Jan's method of tatting.  This is the second time I have started on the middle.  Was almost done and noticed I did not do vsp for half of the rings.  The brain was not functioning when looking at the diagram and thinking that all the rings get attached to the next row, not half (diagram shows the whole middle but only half rows from there on so brain forgot to make the vsp all the way around).   I have now made red dots on all joins that need vsp's!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Tat Days 2015

Yes, I know this is more than a year away but I just had to post this.  I have been thinking of teaching a class or two at Tat Days next year.  I have one idea in my head to work on.  But last night I decided on a second one.  It is in a published book.  I wrote to the publisher asking for permission to use the pattern in a class and where the class would be.  I just opened my email this morning and saw a reply.  Excitedly, I opened the email and am now in cloud 9.  I have permission!  Now to tat it up, write the instructions in long hand (there is only a diagram) and wait for teaching application for next year to appear!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Jan Stawasz Large Doily Tat-along

I received my copy of a Polish publication called Mojo Robotki.  Date is 08 2007.  There is a large tatted doily by Jan Stawasz.  Intatters has a group that is doing this as a tat-along  Will be using size 30 crochet cotton.  I need to finalize my colors today as I will need to dye the thread (a two day process) so I can start this weekend.  Needless to say, I was excited about starting this project and had trouble getting to sleep last night!