Monday, April 21, 2014

Tat Days 2014 Quilt Blocks

My four quilt blocks are now complete, pressed will be put in an envelope and mailed tomorrow.  Husband contributed with his Angel (pattern care of Marie Smith of the Palmetto Tatting Guild).  Will have to wait for September to see the quilt(s) complete with all blocks from the many tatters participating.  These quilts will be auctioned off and the proceeds used for the Palmettos Tatting Guild Tat Days scholarships.  For information go to

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Vacation Projects

After taking a week for a family trip, here are the projects that kept me busy:

These are different hair clips.  They were easy to do  and did not have to take much concentration.  Half are going to my granddaughter (thread selected by mom) and the other four will be sold at an upcoming church yard sale.  The thread I used is either size 10 or 20 and is hand dyed by me or Lizbeth or Jess's (Tatalicious).   Patterns are from (Leco Sedellaanto), Ewa Dochniak ( - March 28, 2014) and Joelle Paulson.  Just realized I did not put any beads in the middle of the flowers.  Just thrilled I was able to finish them.

The peacock was my airplane project.  I also worked on it when I needed a break from the hair clips.  It is from the book OCCHI Schiffchenspitze Frivolite by Leopold Stocker Verlag.  Since the book is in German, Google translate helped in deciphering some of the words.  Thread is size 20 Lisbeth in Fern Green Med. and Blue River Glades.  I noticed that the written pattern varies from the diagram and the photo.  I have modified stitch counts to accommodate my tatting so the piece lays flatter.  I will probably frame this piece and enter in the fair in September.

Just started round 12 of the 2014 Spring Napkin.  This will be my greatest accomplishment when finished.  Hopefully 1 week more and then I guess I will get back with Georgia's Mystery Doily.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Mini Tardis

Received a request to remake a Tardis.  This is Anne Bruvold's pattern.    I was told that the telephone book has only two holes, so I modified the pattern a little to reflect two holes.  This Tardis is made with size 80 Lizbeth thread hand dyed by me.  I thought the original was size 80 although after tatting this I am not sure.  Will block and stiffen tomorrow.  

Edited:  Note to self - when using size 80 thread, split chain needs full concentration!