Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Latest HDT

Here is my latest HDT.  The colors are a little lighter than I wanted, so it will be back to the formular board.  The varigated is by first attempted.  It turned out well I think.  I mistakenly used the steel gray instead of grape so I will probably redo it also.  The last coral pink was an experiment.  I mixed two colors left over and that is the result.  Will definately want to redye and make more yardage. 
I now have colors for making gifts for people who will be covering me when I am on vacation later this year.

I plan on starting another list of colors to dye.  This time when I am dying, I will be more careful when I am finished with a color to put it away so it doesn't get mixed up and used accidently.


  1. I admire anyone who has the time and patience, plus all the equipment to dye thread. The colours are great.

  2. i like the green and purple. i think they would look good together on a single project :)

  3. Thank you for the comments. I was actually thinking the green and gray would look together. Will play with the green and purple and see what I come up with!