Wednesday, August 28, 2013

August 2013 Challenge

Here is my original design for the August Tat-It challenge.  I am really liking these challenges.  We were to start with a 4-ring base.  Then design using 3 different techniques.  I used split rings, mock picot, and graduated picots.  I also changed thread for the outside as I wanted a definite border. 

As you can see, I have updated my blog a little.  I asked a fellow tatter about making tabs at the top.  She gladly shared directions on how to do them.  I now have a pattern and need diagrams.  The pattern is were I will post my patterns I would like to share with tatland.  The need diagrams is were I will post pics and any information about the design.  They are their as reminders for me to diagram them and put them into the pattern format for sharing.

I am presently working on an In-Tatters mystery doily tat-along.  I also have other testing to do and need to start again on my Proficiency course samples.   

So much to do and so little time!


  1. That is a very interesting pattern! I like to look at patterns like this and try to think of how they are created. Then I look at the directions to see if I'm right. I'll be taking a look at your patterns soon!

  2. I do the same. Looking at patterns one can think of the technique used and inspiration for future designs.

  3. Where is this tat-itchallenge? Sounds interesting. I like you new motif! Good luck at the tat-days!