Sunday, January 5, 2014

Newt Invasion

I have been testing split rings and single shuttle split rings (along with learning how to do loop tatted rings.  The pattern is from Anne Bruvoid called Netty the Newt.  I have always wanted to do this pattern, so now was a wonderful opportunity.  So I am now being invaded by newts as I test these elements.  The thread is all hand dyed (either Lizbeth, Tatilicious, Yarnplayer or my own).

I have also decided to participate in the 25 Motif Challenge this year.  The two at the bottom of the picture are the two I have done this month.  January is now complete for this challenge!


  1. The newts are adorable! You have a lot of challenges at the same time, i am in awe!

  2. They are all so cute! What a great way to practice your tatting skills and try out new colors!