Wednesday, February 12, 2014


These are three of my four squares that I have finished for the Tat Days 2014 Quilt.  The theme is Tatting, Tea, and Toffee.  The purple square one needs pressing.  I have one more to go.  The last square is not a teapot but a piece of candy.  Will post when complete.  The first teapot is from Intatters.  The two motifs are from Patti Duff's Minitats book.  The thread is hand-dyed by me.  The other two teapots are Marth Ess's patterns.  The green edging is a variation of Daisy Chain pattern from Big Book of Tatting.  The thread on these are Lizbeth Spring Flower (101), Leafy Greens (138), Latte Foam (168) and a brown (691).

We are iced in for a few days, so I will be able to get caught up on a few tatting projects. 

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