Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Jan Stawasz Large Doily Tat-along

I received my copy of a Polish publication called Mojo Robotki.  Date is 08 2007.  There is a large tatted doily by Jan Stawasz.  Intatters has a group that is doing this as a tat-along http://www.intatters.com/showthread.php?11824-Jan-Stawasz-Moje-Robotki-8-2007-Huge-Doily-tat-along&p=127274#post127274.  Will be using size 30 crochet cotton.  I need to finalize my colors today as I will need to dye the thread (a two day process) so I can start this weekend.  Needless to say, I was excited about starting this project and had trouble getting to sleep last night!


  1. How exciting! How did you find the pattern? I'm not sure I'm ready for that large a project, but I sure would like to look it over!

  2. There was a lady in Poland who was able to obtain about 25 copies. Then there were a couple of other ladies who took names. When the copies were available to be mailed, they contacted those interested with the information. I was on a secondary list as I missed the first posting. I am glad to obtain one.

    1. I would love to get this pattern of Jans'. I have both of his books and that pattern is not in there. I would love to make this huge doily. Please write to me and let me know.