Friday, July 1, 2016

Tatting and Testing

I was given the opportunity to test tat a couple of patterns for Martha Ess's new book coming later this year.  The block train with windows and the bear will be in this book.  Really enjoyed working on these two patterns.  I am looking forward to the complete book.  I see tatted items on our grandkids clothing!  The train engine, box car and caboose are HDT by me and the coal car is Lizbeth Seafoam.  Bear is Lizbeth Angel Love I believe.

The owl is from last years Tat Days. I have about four more to make.  They will be given to the Palmetto Tatters Guild to hand out at the South Carolina Fair in October.

The butterfly is just left over thread I had on my shuttle.

Here is my edging I decided to make for a couple of pillow cases.  Edging is from Tatting Doilies & Edgings edited by Rita Weiss.  This is one of my first tatting books I purchased way back when I started tatting.  It is Dainty Edging No. 6.  Thread is Lizbeth Summer Fun.

With these tattings, I have completed numbers 9 thru 13 of my motif challenge.

To round out my entry, I have received my Phase II Artisan certification from Tatters Across Time.  I was surprised at how well I did.  I will submit my application for Phase III Master early fall.  I want to play catchup with projects and design for next years Tat Days before concentrating on the final phase.


  1. Everything looks great!! :) Your train is amazing!!! :)
    And your edging is so pretty!!! :)

    1. Thank you. A lucky grandson is going to have the train. However, being a couple months old, the engine and caboose might be the only pieces that will fit on the shirt.

  2. They do look great. Martha's toys are all impressive. I'm thinking I might have to have that book.

  3. The test tatting from Martha's new book is certainly tempting us all to buy it when it is published, the train is adorable. Love your butterfly edging too, such a lot of tatting!

  4. Congratulations! Good luck with the final phase. Lovely tatting, Martha's designs and the edging. It is a dainty edging.

  5. Congratulations on Phase II completion! That is a huge accomplishment. Pretty tatted pieces.