Monday, September 5, 2016

Who Gives a Hoot

I do.  Actually, used some of my treasure thread I purchased at Goodwill and made a bunch of owls to donate to the Palmetto Tatters Guild.  It was size 10, type unknown.

Been busy with hand dyeing thread again.  These are some beauties that I will bring with me to Tat Days to sell.  Mostly size 10 and 20, 50 yards each.  Lizbeth base.  Have one size 3 and a couple that have 25 yards.   I have another two types drying and will try to post in the next couple of days.  It is not alot.  This year has gotton away from me between babysitting grandkids and having to deal with my aging mother.  Anyway, what ever is left, I will post next week on this blog for anyone wanting to purchase.  

Have a few color variations that I want to dye but no names.  Might have to post the variation requesting names then random select.  Winner will receive a skein free!

Everything is packed.  Tatting bag is loaded with shuttles and thread for my classes.   It will be good to get away, tat, relax, tat, see friends new and previous met.