Sunday, January 27, 2013

TIAS 2013 & Hucklebears

Here is day 6 of Jane's TIAS.  I think I have changed my way of thinking from an Easter basket to a basket of some sort or an ark.  We will see as the mystery continues.

In the meantime, I have dyed some light lilac last week.  I finally was able to do some Hucklebears.  It is a pattern from Gina Butler.  I have been wanting to do this pattern since I saw it last year.  I will probably do a few more and keep them in my tatting bag.  They will be used as give away to kids when we go to the sporting events and there are little kids nearby.  If not, they will go to the Palmetto Tatting Guild for their booth at the South Carolina Fair in September.


  1. ...Hallo Phyllis, these Hucklebears are soo cute...

  2. Thank you. They were fairly easy to make and I think the kids will like them. Now need to make some green ones for Kudsu bears!