Friday, July 26, 2013


There are on their way to Georgia Seitz for the 2013 Tat Days quilt.  The littles ones were great to use up my bits of dyed samples.  Will probably do more of them to give away while I am out in public and for the  Palmetto Tatting Guild to give away at the SC State Fair.  Here is the link for the pattern.  Used size 10 thread for all dragonflies except the orange/yellow one - that was size 20.

A Tardis bookmark in size 30 is in process.  I will be sending this to my niece for her wedding next April.  It was an idea to perhaps attach it to her garter!  I guess this could be used for the something new and blue.

I am still waiting for instructions for a Tat Days project.  Needs to be completed prior to class.

I have an idea for a pair of tatted earrings.  This will be my second design.  I need to sit down and figure out the stitching, tat it and then diagram/write the pattern.  This may be this weekends project.

I think after that I will proceed with my proficiency course work while adding an occasional project.


  1. Just look at all those gorgeous dragonflies!

  2. Busy hands are productive. Keeps me out of the snacking. Also, have to many projects not to be just sitting doing nothing.