Saturday, September 24, 2016

Tat Days - Part 2

Purchased three kits to work on.  The Headlace kit I am going to try and make for Granddaughters B'day in November.  It is from Sherry Pence.  The other two kits are from Nina Libin.  I was not able to take Nina's Interlaced Necklace so I purchased the kit.  The Gold jewelry set was pretty and it found it's way into my hands as well.

The shuttles are from Rita Richmond - Shuttle By Design.  I asked her if it was possible to have a shuttle with the "P" available for pickup at Tat Days.  She was able to accommodate my request.  I tried to be good but she has new acrylic shuttles and the blue one was calling out to me.

The mini shuttles were 3-d printed by Tim Kaylor.  These were in the goodie bags.  They are nice for smaller amounts of thread projects.

The tatted projects are Tat Days test pieces.  The navy/gold and dark pink bracelet strips are from Martha Ess' Starry Bracelet class.  Navy has beads, the dark pink - no beads.  Will finish the navy with bracelet findings for Granddaughter.  The bear was tatted in size 10 (pattern called for size 10, but 10 was all I had on vacation to tat the project).  It is from Martha Ess' Technique Teddy Bear class.  The red/white star is another Martha Ess design.  It is her Broomstick Picot Star.   The navy angel is a design by Kathy Hodge called Guardian Angel.  All the tatted pieces can be found on the Palmetto Tat Days 2016 CD.

The book was a last minute kind of gotta have purchase.  With the arrival of a Grandson this past April, he will need some tatted items as well.  This book has 3-d projects (a train, trees, and several buildings).  

Lastly - not Tat Days related - Marilee Rockley aka Yarnplayer has a new book of tatted beaded jewelry coming out in November.  Check her blog for info on presales through  I have mine on preorder.

Sigh, so many projects, so little time!

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