Sunday, September 8, 2019

Tat Days 2019 Part 1

Home again, home again, lickity split.  Took most of the day to get unpacked, reorganized and finished a couple of projects.

First, another nice Tat Days has come and gone.  Early mornings and late nights.  I miss those who were not able to attend, stay or feeling under the weather.

Some first timers that I met were:  Jenni Clark from Australia, Sue Fuller from the Tuesday Online Tat Design class, and Melanie Cervi who is in charge of the Monday online homework page.  I know I have missed others either not met or unrecognized.  Note:  it was nice to meet you also.  It was also nice to catch up with others I had met before (the regulars and those who are able to come when they can).

The upper left picture is a chapstick holder.  It is a pattern from Heather Johnston that I modified a bit with permission.  I made these for the teacher bags this year.  I used every color of size 10 thread I had so everyone received a different color holder.

The past few years I have volunteered to test tat.  The picture on the right are two of the patterns.  The earrings are called Dancing  Peacock Earrings.  It is based on a pattern by Muskaan (see her blogpost from January 23, 2018) modified by Anita Berry with permission.  Actually, ended up being an assistant at this class.  The oval doily is called Sonata by Melanie Cervi.  Nice relaxing pattern.

Stay tuned for Day 1 and 2.


  1. I missed you all. I'm glad it was a good time!
    Linda R.

  2. Good to see you, Phyllis. I got home about 4 and started on the Sonata. I was supposed to be in that class. The center that she calls round 1 reminds me of a stained glass cathedral window. Melanie is such an elegant lady.