Sunday, September 29, 2019

Tat Days - Part 2 & Musing

Here are my new additions to my library that I picked up.  Need to finish a few projects before I will allow myself to start working some of these items.

I was able to finish some projects this year at Tat Days.  The peacock is pearl tatting (class by Martha Ess), beaded lavender angel earrings and tri-color maltese earrings (pattern by Bonnie Swank and Nina Libin, class by Bonnie).  After my granddaughter saw the angel earrings, my granddaughter wanted one.  She picked out the orange beads and viola, an orange angel was created. 

Georgia was under the weather the whole weekend (we missed you).  Tamie did a wonderful job at filling in for her at the auction.  Laughs around as well as a couple fierce bidding wars. 

Shuttle decorating was a hit.  It was nice to see so many having fun, talking and putting their own touches on their shuttles to make them one of a kind.  The only draw back - the smell of the nail top coat used to seal the shuttles.  Fans helped but if ever a next time, sealing needs to be done on their own or outside.  Thanks Tonya for helping.

The week after Tat Days, DH and I went to St. Lucia (anniversary).  Of course, I brought my tatting along (Marie Smith's angel pattern and Reit's owl pattern, thread for both).  Weather was hot but it was nice to get away and relax.  One of the flight attendants on the way down saw me and asked if that was tatting.  I said yes and we talked for a few minutes.  Once at St. Lucia, I tatted by the pool when relaxing.  Several staff stopped by asking how things were going but occasionally one would stop and we would talk about tatting.  They had never seen tatting before.  By then I had several complete angels/owls.  I started giving them away to those that seem impressed.  It was joyous to see how happy they were to receive one.

The amazing thing was on the flight home.  The same flight attendant was on our return flight!  She stopped and asked if I remembered her.  Of course I did, and I had a finished angel to give to her as well. 

Continuing on working to finish WIP's.  It is amazing how fast projects get away when you want to tat them all!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend with hubby, great books and tatting too.

  2. You have some lovely additions to your library! Isn't it fun to give away bits of tatting to admirers?

    1. It is very satisfying to share both information and completed pieces with others.