Friday, December 25, 2015

Happy Holidays

Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday season.  Enjoy the time with family and friends.

Palmetto Tatters Guild is ready to post any day now applications for teachers and logo designs for Tat Days 2016.  They are due February 15.  How time has flown as it seems like just yesterday I was at the 2015 retreat.  Got a couple of patterns ready.  Have one more to design (hopefully) and a logo to design. 

Jane Eborall's TIAS will be starting in a couple of weeks.  Need to pick thread, beads and wind shuttles. 

Not tatted related, but I will be working on a cross stitch stitch-along this year.  The theme is "Let's Go on an Adventure!".  There will be a piece of the pattern emailed once a month so we will have traveled to 12 locations.  It will be a nice gift for granddaughter next year.  The info can be found here:

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