Sunday, October 19, 2014

Tat Bug and Paws

Here is another project I finished earlier this week.  It is a tatting bug from The Complete Book of Tatting by Rebecca Jones.  Will be making another as I still am not happy with the way it lays.  Need to add google eyes for a complete bug.  Thread was hand dyed by me, size 10.

The paws are from Tat Days 2013.  They are made with three strands of glow in the dark embroidery floss.  Will be making more.  Also going to make a 4 set using 6 strands.  I plan on putting these on acrylic sheets and attaching it to a tree.  Using a black light at Halloween, I hope they will look like paw prints climbing up a tree!


  1. That bug has been sitting in the Rebecca Jones book on my bookshelf since the book was published (around 1976 if my memory serves me right) waiting for me to make it!!!! I used to look and gaze at it thinking I'd never be able to manage it. Lovely thread. Yummy, yummy.

  2. It is very easy. I am going to make the picots a little longer on the center ring in the next one so the rings on round 2 fit better (they seem to be squished in). I also tweaked the pattern by using a mock picot and split ring to move from round to round.

  3. Lacy fluorescent bugs in the night. This is a strange time of the year,.. Nice work!

    1. Had not thought of that before. Glow-in-the-dark bugs for Halloween!