Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Look what arrived in my mail yesterday.  Edda Guastalla sells them

The book is in Italian.  Google translate and I became friends yesterday afternoon.  The diagrams are great and the pictures fantastic.

I look through this with my almost 3 year old grand daughter.  As she pointed to the alphabets, I was looking at the kitties.  So before nap time, she picked some thread and beads.  The kitty was complete just as she awoke from her nap.

This magazine will bring me lots of tatting moments as I can see myself practically tatting everything in it. 

This now completes my second 25 motif challenge.  I will start a new one but it will probably be in January as I really need to complete other projects first.


  1. What a wonderful kitty to wake up to!!! :)

  2. She loves it. Later that night, the kitty decided to hide so I could not show my daughter. I found its hiding place last night, so it is show and tell today.

  3. Maybe it was afraid you would also tat a fox? LOL. I can see lots of fun things to tat just on the cover!